Friday, April 17, 2009

New Designs!

Gosh, its been awhile since I have posted on here. It seems that daily life has gotten the better of me as I have been busier with the girls, bows, my personal blog, Easter, visitors, and oh yeah, being pregnant.

Yessiree. I suppose my husband and I thought life was just getting too simple, so we decided to add baby #3 to The Bowtique household. Which would also explain my lack of blogging and updating the site.
But the first trimester is over and I slowly seem to be gaining an ounce or two of energy back, so I will do my best to update the blog a little more often.

But until then, here's what you really want...some pictures of the new clips.
As you can see, I have been on a bit of a Felt Fuzzy kick. I am slowly re-designing some old styles (like the ladybug) to give them a fresher new look.

And for those who read the blog, a secret sale for you...
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