Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Years.

This Girl.
10 years.

10 years ago, she arrived and inspired this whole Bowtique journey 
through her crazy, fluffy dark hair!
We have grown from a few small bows to collections of clips, headbands, hair ties 
and whatever this growing girl could dream of!
(she is single handedly responsible for some of my favorite ideas- like the jellyfish, 
the popsicle and the Kanzashi flower)
I am finally accepting that she will in fact keep growing.
She will most likely be taller than I am within the next couple years...
My only solace is that she will continue to shine and grow into the 
awesome little lady that she is becoming today.
And that has been my pleasure in being her Mom.
(that and the fact that she still stops for a hug at the bus stop)

So, in honor of the tiny fluffy haired baby that started this creative whim,
enjoy 20% off your total the next while with the code: 
 *And a quick note that The Bowtique will be closing in a week or so for a short while
so we update our website and bring you a new look!