Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still here! But where is Spring?

March came in like a lion here.
So much on our plate here at TheBowtique house.

I started a long term teaching sub position until the end of May.
After being home for over 9 years,
I am learning to adjust our new schedules.

Most of the family was wiped out with a vicious stomach bug for a few days.
I can not remember the last time I was sick.
And with Mr Bowtique sick at the same time,
we were a sad lot here.

We also had a death in the family which adjusted our days for awhile too.
It was not a sudden passing, but sad all the same.

So at last we arrive to the last week of March.
We are still standing,
(apparently in the snow as there is no sign of sunny spring weather)
and I am happy to announce that I am finally catching up
to all things Bowtique related.

The turnaround times will be shortening very soon
(but I will keep the 4-7 days turnaround time for now to be safe).
And I hope to get all the new spring items up at the end of this week.

I also hope that the old saying is true-
If March comes in like a lion,
then it better go out like a lamb!!

So to help make things springier-
enjoy 20% off through this week with the code:

Happy Spring!
(where ever you may be!)