Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Minute Summer Additions

Also known as-
I have a meeeellion other things to do,
 but would rather
create some fun hairtastic goodness!
(and still a week or two left to order for holidays)

So thanks to my mad procrastination skillz, 
 a few last minute patriotic additions.

Firstly, for my home and native peeps-
Our new wool felt Maple Leaf Fuzzy.
It's adorable.
It's soft.
It resembles our favourite tree.
What more can I say?

And for my All-American peeps-
some super fun new items.

(sparkley elastic hair tie posted very soon)

Also be sure to check out our new
Rainbow Kanzashi Flower
and uber adorable crabs!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
We are having lots of fun and sun.
But I will try to keep things interesting with a couple more new items by next week.
(and then very sadly, I have to start creating the fall line up?!)