Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking cool for back to school!

And we can help!
Especially if you have a school uniform to work with.
Accessories are a great way to add some dress code appropriate flair!
As you probably already know,
I love to create custom pieces.
I can make/alter/modify/bling/simplify/tweak/..
pretty much any item on the website.
Which means we can create a piece to suit your uniform style!

Some of my personal favs for saavy school uniforms:
(please note, if you do not see a color you need- let me know!
I usually have a few extras up my sleeve somewhere ;)

The New Felt Bow!

The new FuzzyFlowers clip! (beautiful in almost any color)
And available for both big girls and little girls of course!

Love these!!! 
These elastic hair huggers are our absolute favorite right now!
And they look cute as bracelets on the wrist too! We have added new colors
(fall/school uniform-y colors),
but still need to update the color chart.

A classic- the adjustable toggle headband.
Also available with a crystal monogram too!

Pretty and trendy.
This chiffon shabby chic flower is simple enough for everyday and pretty enough for not-so-everyday!

Another best seller for girls of all ages!
Great with uniforms, casual wear and even dressier occasions!

And to help you out for stocking up on back to school items,
just enter the code:
BACK2SCHOOl for 20% your total through Labor Day weekend!

A great time to stock up for all those new back to school outfits!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Hey! If you have had...

any troubles checking out within the past few weeks,
but sure to let me know-
give us an email, FB message, blog comment, telepathic nod, anything..

I am hoping it is not a bigger glitch, but for now we have some options to help.
It seems to emptying shopping carts during checkout.
Which we all do not want.

So, in order to keep The Bowtique experience a pleasant one, let me know if you have been affected, so I can be sure to let the powers that be fix this.
Oh, and just for good measure, another sweet Bowtique babe.

(she probably has more say in the designs that you can imagine- definately my right hand girl).

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Back to the S-Word

I usually try to wait until August to even think about the "s-word"...
you know the one....SCHOOL.
 But I have been working a few weeks to bring some new styles in time for school. Especially for those of you that start in sooner than others.

I finally managed to get a few new items up on the website...
maybe even early enough to enjoy for the rest of the other S-word-

Either way, we have some sweet new styles that I am excited about.
(fear not- if you have some littles that are still waiting for their hair, we will have some new baby/baldie headbands very soon).

I couldn't decide which center I liked better, so I am giving you the choice when you order-
pretty glass beads or crystal.
(and as always, option #3- any other brilliant ideas from you).

I have been wanting to make some cute felt bows for quite awhile now, and I think we finally found the winning design.
Slightly chic and modern and classic and the same time.
(how's that for mind blowing?)

Obviously now that some of my own Bowtique girls are getting older, we are finding that we love simple and chic clips. 
These are great for holding back whispy hair in ponytails or bangs off the face while doing oh.....say...gymnastics or anything that big girls do running around all day.
Pretty ribbon lined snaps are all the rage here!
(and it allows me to use some of the awesome ribbons I have fallen in love with)
And if you want to order as a set of two, you can save even more.

I still have a few new items up my crafty sleeves during the next few weeks.
Also be on the lookout for more accessories with more color options;
especially for those of you who wear uniforms at school!

Happy rest of summer!!