Wednesday, February 25, 2015

11 Years

11 years ago.
This girl.
She arrived and inspired this whole Bowtique journey 
with her "won't stay down" hair and constantly being mistaken for a boy.

It started with a few small bows in 10 different colors; 
to collections of clips, headbands, hair ties 
and whatever this growing girl (and her sister) could dream of!
This girl is single handedly responsible for some of my favorite ideas- 
like the jellyfish, the Kanzashi flower and all the new ombre sparkles.)

Despite the fact that she does indeed continue to grow, and change her style, 
she still wants something pretty to wear in her hair.
I am happy to help out, although she has taken to making her own hair accessories.
She has even helped choose new designs and colors for upcoming Spring!

She will most likely be taller than I am within the next couple years...
okay, like, next year...and she reminded me today that she will be driving in 5 years-
 but she will always be the tiny fuzzy headed inspiration for the Bowtique journey 
and my first little love.

And it has been a pleasure to watch her grow and shine bright!
(it also helps that she still stops for a hug at the bus stop)

So, in honor of the tiny fluffy haired baby that started this creative whim,
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