Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some winter cheer is here!

It's January.
Time to beat the winter blues with some new accessory cheer!
Just in time for Valentine's Day, I managed to get a felt heart design onto a headband.
Perfect for showing a little love to your little love! (remember we use the softest 100% wool felt and natural cotton fluff for stuffing- no flimsy felt fuzzies here!)
Also an interchangeable headband featuring our simply chic silk flower. If you can't decide on one color- now you can change your flower to suit your style! 
This of course means we also have the Large Sequin Flower as a separate clip now due to popular demand! ;)
Inspired by the hair ties found at Anthropolgie and Sephora- we now carry these simple, chic and colorful elastic bands.
They are also softer and wider so they hug hair without the tug and major indents left by regular ponytail elastics. Definately a new fav around here with us big girls!
And the girls love them as bracelets too!
Also coming very very soon- some matching accessories for your American Girl and other similar dolls.
And some more surprises for those with a little less than a full head of hair!
Don't forget to check out the  LAST CHANCE  section to grab a deal on styles that are leaving. We are de-stashing to make room for some newer trendier designs! Yay!
And oh yeah- let's also brighten the day with 20% off through Jan 31st
Just use: WINTER20 upon checkout.
Hope this brightens your winter blahs! Happy January All!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Out with the old...

I tend to be a keeper.
A keeper of things.
This especially includes all things hair accessory related.

It is finally time to clear out some of the designs and old stock that have graced the store for years.
Now you can clean up on my clearing out of older items.

Check out the
area for clips that are priced to go!
Some quantities are extremely limited and most of these will not be coming back.
This is a great time to try out a couple clips at a fraction of the price.
There are even a few clearanced clips for Valentine's and lots of great colors for spring!


Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes! I am still here!
Unfortunately, I did not win the awesome giveaway at
Oh my! handmade Goodness...
I did win some inspiration.
I know, I know.
I have been talking about rebranding for years.
But this is it.
I am ready to find a more sophisticated look.
We have earned it.

But first- I am working on getting rid of a lot of old stock. A lot.
I will add a sale section called "Last Chance" for all the items that will be discontinued.
These will be offered at crazy low prices.
(so a great time to get some clips for a rainy day).

Once I have lightened the load in my stock drawers...I will be working on adding a few cool new things.
The secret words to give you some clues are
"Dolly and Me" or "American Girl".

I am also caught up.
Caught up on what you ask?
It may have something to do with all these...

So be sure to check back soon.
2012 will be a year of big changes.
For reals.

And if you have any cool ideas- please send them my way. I will be trying out all sorts of new styles and ideas the next month or so.
Send me a winner, and I will give you Bowtique credit!!
Happy New Year friends!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Oh My! Handmade Goodness Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway!

This is big.
I mean really big.
Jessika and a team of brilliant techy saavy ladies are offering the opportunity of a lifetime at
Oh My! Handmade Goodness
(or at least it feels that way to a small business owner),
with thousands of dollars worth of web services, advertising and all things to make an entrepreneur all giddy!!
Why would I consider entering you ask?
Good question.

I have seen so many talented artisans, and other deserving small businesses too, but I feel this would give me the push to finally re-design TheBowtique brand to represent all that it has become today.
(and so much more part of my life than the small store template I once bought years ago).
I have been wanting to update TheBowtique for years.
And it is plain to see, that I will not do it on my own.
(partly because html coding and myself are not the best of friends).
And partly because I have three littles at home, so unless they add another 3 hours to each day- I need the help.
The Ultimate Enterpreneur Giveaway would forever change my little world and make 2012 a very bright year indeed!
(and one step closer to my ultimate goal of taking the world over one bow at a time)