Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Why wool?

I am often asked why I choose to use 100% wool felt. The answer is simple:
It's like comparing a wool sweater to an acrylic one.

Wool is the most durable.
It is tightly woven, thicker, softer and has less fuzz than other felts.
It is the stuff heirlooms are made from.

As you can see here.
100% wool on the left, 80/20 wool felt blend, acrylic on right-

The fibers are most tightly woven in the wool felt and you can actually see the darker table showing through as darker spots on the acrylic felt.

The tighter fibers of the wool felt means the wool felt holds its shape better and does not get fuzzy at the edges as the eco felt does.  This is important when you are sewing around the edges of designs. The stretched fibers makes it easier for stitches to stretch and come undone.

Of course, you get what you pay for and wool felt comes at a price. Sometimes up to 10 times the cost of acrylic felts.

There are times that I can not use 100% wool because the colors are limited and it can be a little thick for cutting super fine details...that's when a wool/rayon blend comes in handy. It still has the durability and softness of wool, and it usually comes in more colors, is a little less thick and easier to find.

Don't get me wrong, acrylic felt has its place too.
This felt is great for crafting. This is what we use with the girls to create fun things.
I usually use it when I am trying new felt designs and don't want to burn through the more expensive wool felts.
Acrylic felt can be readily found at any craft store and even most big box stores now too.
It's cheap (like 29 cents/sheet) and great for use on kid crafts. Some acrylic brands are even made using recycled soda bottles. (so that's a good thing too)

But this, people, is why I prefer to stick to 100% wool and blends for my crafty needs.
It's the quality, the durability and the soft, less fuzzy texture that stands the test of time.
I hope you see the difference in our quality wool felt items too!

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Forth is Coming!

Yes, it's true.
In case you are new around here, summer's colors seem to be red, white and blue!

So in order for you to get your order in time for teh biggest red, white and blue day around,
The Bowtique is offering 20% off your total order for a limited time.

All you have to do is enter the code:
when you are ready to checkout.
Just be sure to place your order by: June 24th
to ensure it arrives on time. 
(or a couple days later if you choose Priority Post)

Of course we offer a wide variety of patriotic bows to help you show some Patriotic spirit!
Some of my favorites below-
Elastic hair ties are so trendy right now! 
They work great in all sorts of hair and double as cute bracelets to!

 Love pinwheels. Doesn't get more summerish than that.

For the bigger girls, ponytail hair streamers! The one thing my bigger girls will still wear!

 My all time fav the simple Old Glory flag bow!
Perfect every time and available in both big and little girl sizes! 

Sometimes you just want something subtle. I love the hip little ribbon clips.
Even the biggest Bowtique girl still wears this one!
Lots of red, white and blue choices for your upcoming summer holidays!
Enjoy 20% off now!!



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New what??

New ribbon colors.
Yes. It is true.

After years of trying not to add too many colors 
(because I don't love trying to keep them all in stock, in all the sizes, and having to deal with manufacturers discontinue colors), 
I have added yet another handful.
Colors that are difficult to find in stores, but I see more and more in styles.

So, without further ado, introducing-
the new (lighter) coral,
darker (oranger) watermelon,
gorgeous sea mist,
beautiful jade.

And how fitting that they happen to match some new gift tags I bought as I loved the colors?

Let's celebrate with 15% off!
Enter:  New15

Happy Spring/Almost summer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring has sprung!?

Well...only sort of around here as I am watching it snow a couple inches-
after hitting 60 degrees two days ago.
Welcome to Spring in Ohio!
But rain, or shine..or snow...
Easter will be here before you know it.

So in honor of one of my favorite chocolate days,
 I thought I would list some of my all time favorite Easter designs.
Perfect for stuffing those baskets...

For Easter 2015, I decided to add Bunny Bling.
This sweet little rhinestone bunny can be added to almost any bow, 
flower or headband to add a subtle touch of spring to your Easter outfit. 
If you don't see the option at checkout, make a note and I will add the bunny bling to whatever I can securely attach it to for a wee bit extra.

I can not stand the cuteness of the new Bunny Bling!

I am often asked what my favorite holidays designs are.
And, it may surprise you. 
For as much as I love to be dressed for the occasion,
I tend to like the subtle side of showing my holiday spirit.
I like designs that I can wear on Easter AND the whole year through!
My all time favorite "Bunny" design is our Wool Felt Bunny Slippers!

Of course you may prefer a less subtle Easter icon-

The good news is there is still time to order for Easter.
Toensure Easter delivery, place your order by 
Friday March 27th!

Our designs make for some adorabley unique basket stuffers 
and I hear the elastic hair ties are great for filling eggs!
Which is good news for me 
as I have been trying to come up with some different small items for egg fillers!

Happy Spring Everybunny!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

11 Years

11 years ago.
This girl.
She arrived and inspired this whole Bowtique journey 
with her "won't stay down" hair and constantly being mistaken for a boy.

It started with a few small bows in 10 different colors; 
to collections of clips, headbands, hair ties 
and whatever this growing girl (and her sister) could dream of!
This girl is single handedly responsible for some of my favorite ideas- 
like the jellyfish, the Kanzashi flower and all the new ombre sparkles.)

Despite the fact that she does indeed continue to grow, and change her style, 
she still wants something pretty to wear in her hair.
I am happy to help out, although she has taken to making her own hair accessories.
She has even helped choose new designs and colors for upcoming Spring!

She will most likely be taller than I am within the next couple years...
okay, like, next year...and she reminded me today that she will be driving in 5 years-
 but she will always be the tiny fuzzy headed inspiration for the Bowtique journey 
and my first little love.

And it has been a pleasure to watch her grow and shine bright!
(it also helps that she still stops for a hug at the bus stop)

So, in honor of the tiny fluffy haired baby that started this creative whim,
enjoy 20% off your total the next while with the code: