Friday, July 25, 2008

We will be closed in August

This is just a reminder to all that we will be closed August 2nd- August 24th.
And by vacation, I mean a real vacation where I will not have any bow supplies (as promised to my family). I will also have very limited internet access (not sure if this is good or bad yet). So emails will take a few days to answer and I will not be able to fill any requests until our return around August 24th or so.

I am hoping to return with a handful of new designs for fall and some new Felt designs as well (the Felt Fuzzies seem to be taking most of my time lately).

For those who like to be "in the know". Here's a preview of one new ribbon. Also coming will finally be a Felt Monogram for big girls and a Felt cupcake (because the 10 designs I already have, just aren't enough)!

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