Thursday, March 01, 2012

Let's bring Awesome to a whole 'nother level!

Oh yes she did.
I did just say that right now.
As most know, I am hellbent on rebranding The Bowtique.
It is overdue.
Long, long overdue.
I owe it to my little website.
The website that has slowly crept into every part of my daily life. (naptime, shopping time, evenings, laundry, even my dreams)
The business deserves to look as awesome as it has become.

It is also clear to me that I will not do it on my own.
So, help a girl out.
Make a girl's day year by leaving a vote.
A vote in the form of a comment... maybe even just a word or two. Even "awesome" would do....(they are counting them).
Then the winner (hopefully me) gets a whole new website makeover. That makes me insanely giddy.
And crazy happy Jill = more Bowtique awesomeness for all!

See? It's a win-win-win! (but seriously think about it- I'd be forever grateful!)
And to those who have already commented- Thank you!! Thank you!!

Just click on the SeedMommy logo and leave a comment under my entry.
(you don't even need to leave your name) ;) or check it out here-
SeedMommy Makeover- The Bowtique

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