Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 of 8!

Oh yes-
you read that right.
It was announced today that I am one of the 8 finalists
(down from 100 I might add)
in SeedMommy's Mom Business Makeover Giveaway.

I am truly overwhelmed with the kind votes I received the first time around.

Now I really need a vote as I have half a chance to win this!
A new website.
A new look.
A fresh start.
A re-invention.
A direction to where I see myself going now.

If you want to make one girl insanely giddy,
please check out the contest below.
Scroll down the post and check on the box marked
"The Bowtique"
for your vote.
(even if you like someone else better)

You can vote daily
through April 30th.

my hopeful heart would be awfully grateful!
(as I would be one step closer to taking over the world one adorable hair accessory at a time)

Ready?  Go!!!!

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