Sunday, February 24, 2013

9 years.

I can not believe another year has gone by.
I tucked my 8 year old daughter into bed tonight, but
when she wakes, she will wake up a 9 year old!

I am finding the birthdays a little harder this year.
Especially since I now have to ask her to bend down a bit
when I help braid her hair.
It seems that she will be taller than I am much, much too soon.
But despite her height,
she is and always will be
the teeny tiny crazy haired baby I first took home.

And it was from all that crazy, fluffy hair that I
took on a bow challenge.
And it was from that bow challenge, that I continues to try to ideas.
And it was from those ideas that The Bowtique
is what it is today.

All because of this tiny girl
and her crazy whispy hair.

Thank you for your ever-lasting inspiration
my sweet, happy Bryn.

In honor of the original Bowtique babe-
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