Monday, January 19, 2009

New Super cool adjustable snug headbands are here!

Oh yeah!
Our new super cool adjustable snug headbands are here. But we are just going to call them adjustable headbands for short.
They are so simple, they're brilliant and they stay in so well, you'll wonder why we didn't come up with this sooner!

Our solid color toggle headbands go with everything. They are simple enough for everyday and pretty enough for special occasions. They are made with 5/8 grosgrain ribbon and feature a simpley sweet tuxedo bow.
They can be adjusted to a snug fit using our unique toggle clasp. Very popular with girls of all ages! (just ask a couple of MY friends!)

We will also be adding additional prints soon...but for now you can request almost any print ribbon we have in stock!

Be sure to check them out at our introductory price!

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